Adding more to our Toys”R”Us Wish List!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toys“R“Us for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Toys”R”Us, as we use everything from the Great Big Toys”R”Us Book of AWESOME to shopping in the store to fulfill every toy wish in our household!

We recently took Miss L on a trip to Toys “R” Us to help fill out her “Wish List” for this year’s holiday season. But in addition to the trip, we let her pour through the pages of the “Big Book” to pick out additional items. [p.s. you can create your Wish List right here!]

Once she had flipped through the entire thing, we took out my iPhone and downloaded the Toys”R”Us app to add to Miss L’s Holiday Wish List. Then we went page by page and she pointed out the toys and games she was interested in this year and I added them to her Wish List by simply snapping a photo of the item.

So what additional toys made it on Miss L’s Wish List?

A First Act Discover Love Rock Acoustic Guitar: because all little girls dream of becoming a rock star.

Just Like Home Pro Play Workshop and Utility Bench: because she misses her old wooden work bench and wants to play pretend wood shop and fix things around the house.

The Secret Life of Pets Interactive Stuffed Figure – Cute and Crazy Snowball: because if she can’t have a real rabbit, she wants to have a super cute and adorable talking rabbit.

Melissa & Doug Grocery Shopping Cart Toy: to turn our house into a giant play grocery store! Only available online!

Easy Nails Nail Spa Kit: because mom doesn’t want to play “manicure spa” every night that Miss L wants to switch up her nail polish. Only available in-store!

Kurio Ultimate Kids Smart Watch: because Miss L loves watches, and this one looks really cool. Available online with limited selection in stores!

And with that… her “Wish List” creation was over! Now you just need to keep an eye out for my next post with Toys”R”Us where I showcase what we ended up purchasing and wrapping!

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit Toys”R”Us to Get Inspired for your holiday gifting season!

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Our Toy-riffic Cyber Week Wish List Shopping Spree!

This post brought to you by Toys“R“Us. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Kimberly Michelle.

Now that the biggest shopping days of the season are here, it’s time to act on those Wish Lists and bring home the presents for the holidays! Find deals online at Toys”R”Us this Cyber Week!

This year, we decided to take Miss L on a shopping trip to Toys”R”Us to help her fill out her personal Wish List so that everyone in the family could jump in during Cyber Week and grab all of the toys on her list! 

Now that she’s 6, she’s more aware than ever of what toys and goodies are out there, so we wanted to make sure that WE knew exactly what she wanted this year instead of just guessing. I mean, that’s what we do as adults, right? 

We headed into Toys”R”Us one rainy weekend day in November and let her loose to see just what she gravitated to throughout the shopping trip. 

The first thing that caught her eye: the new American Girl collection at Toys”R”Us! Miss L has lots of friends that have their own American Girl dolls, but never realized exactly what they were or where they came from. She instantly gravitated to the display with all of the “Truly Me” dolls and started looking for her favorite doll. After a few minutes of serious contemplation, she asked to add doll “53” to her Wish List, and then started checking out all of the clothes and accessories as well. And then we added some more of those items to her Wish List too. 

We made our way up and down all the aisles of our local Toys”R”Us… 

… stopping to play a little bit along the way as well! (These Marvel Superhero stations light up when you pass through them!)

The next toy to catch her eye was a Little Live Pets “My Dream Puppy” toy. Maybe it was the furry puppy, or the fact that it wiggled its nose when when you touched it, but she asked to add it to her list right away. This was one of those toys that was overlooked in the Big Book, but in real life she gravitated straight toward it at the end of the aisle! Guess it was a good thing to check everything out in real life! 

We turned a corner and found all of the new Rogue One Star Wars toys and Miss L couldn’t be more excited! I mean, the movie hasn’t even come into theaters and she already wants all of the toys to go along with it!

And finally… we found all of the Super Hero Girls dolls! Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Batgirl… oh my! Miss L had seen these dolls in advertising before, but never in person, and once again she was enthralled. She wanted a Wonder Woman shield, a Super Girl cape, and all of the fun dolls to play along with her in a superhero world! 

With that, Miss L’s Toys”R”Us Wish List came to a close and we left the store without buying anything that day. But we have everything on her list to jump in and buy online this Cyber Week!

So go ahead and be like us! Get your child to make their Big Book or in-person Wish List and then Shop Now at Toys”R”Us to take care of all of your toy needs! 

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say hello to Furby Connect!

This post was sponsored by Furby Connect as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

We’ve got a furry new friend in our house. He’s pink, cuddly, and he speaks a strange language known as Furbish.

Say hello to Furby Connect!

Miss L got to open her surprise this weekend, and she hasn’t let Furby Connect out of her sight since! He was ready to play straight out of the box (once his batteries were added of course) and they’ve been playing together non-stop.

We grabbed the small instruction sheet from the box and took its advice on how to interact with Furby Connect. The first thing we did was give Furby Connect a good tickle to get him to laugh, because who doesn’t love a toy that giggles when it’s tickled! Miss L kept petting him (“He’s soooooo soft!”) and we went to grab her Kindle Fire to open up the Furby Connect World app.

Once he was connected to the app, it took a few minutes to update him with all of the latest content. At the time, I thought it was just like a software update to fix issues, but it’s actually so much more. Furby Connect gets downloads to allow him to sing along to the hottest new songs and know new facts as the world changes around him. When his little antennae glows, you know that there’s a new update for him to download via Bluetooth!

The app itself is also full of games that let Miss L interact with Furby Connect. The app lets you feed and groom Furby Connect, and earn points that hatch eggs that release little baby Furblings. You can even go to the theater and watch silly new videos with your friend. Miss L had the app and the toy to herself for just one day and figured out how to do everything on her own and was teaching me how to use all of the features by that evening.

So what was Miss L’s favorite part of the app? It’s when Furby Connect requests to relieve himself… on the giant toilet app.  You literally hold Furby Connect above the device, squeeze him a little, and… well… you know. I’ve never heard my child have a giggle fit quite like that… and she’s told every single friend/relative/person at the market that she’s run into in the past week about this exact feature and how awesome it is.

Check out our Facebook LIVE the other day where we shared all the fun of our Furby Connect with my Facebook page followers.

[Be sure to follow Furby Connect’s Facebook page as well!]

Now, if you’ve owned other Furby toys in the past, you may know that they were a little hard to go to sleep. And that they’d wake up on their own, or just start talking to themselves when no one else was around. This comes to my favorite feature of the new Furby Connect….

… the sleep mask! Just click on the sleep mask and your Furby Connect will instantly lull itself to sleep. Then remove the mask and wake him up to play. It’s just that simple.

I think Furby Connect would make a great toy for your child this holiday season, as it does a great job of marrying tech toys with app-based fun. It’s perfect for Miss L to play with all on her own at 6.5 years old, and I love the fact that updates will carry on the fun beyond what Furby Connect can do today.  I’d grab one on Black Friday to make sure you can throw it under the tree!


2016 Holiday Family Matching Pajamas


‘Tis the season to stock up on this year’s matching holiday pajamas for your family!  This year there are TONS of options for you from the bargains at Target to the luxe designs at Hanna Andersson!

As always… it’s best to shop early for the best selection in all the sizes you need! I’ll be sure to share any sales that pop up so that you can outfit the whole family for the best price on Christmas morning!


Hanukkah Family Matching Pajamas ($12.99 – $24.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


#HollaDays Family Matching Pajamas ($12.99 – $24.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Nutcracker Family Matching Pajamas ($12.99-$24.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Striped Family Union Suit Matching Pajamas ($12.99-$24.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Bear Family Matching Pajamas ($12.99-$24.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Elf Family Matching Pajamas  ($12.99-$24.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Santa Family Matching Pajamas  ($12.99-$24.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Rudolph Family Matching Pajamas  ($14.99-$24.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Organic Cotton Plaid Matching Family Pajamas ($16.95-$34.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Organic Cotton Striped Family Matching Pajamas ($16.95-$34.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Organic Cotton Fair Isle Matching Family Pajamas ($16.95-$34.99): Baby, Toddler, Kid, Mom, Dad


Dear Deer Matching Family Pajamas ($38-44)


Red Striped Pajamas with Green ($36-48)


Star Wars Fair Isle Matching Family Pajamas ($40-46)


Mickey Mouse Matching Family Pajamas ($40-46)


giveaway for some extra holiday funds!


Hi everyone!  It’s been one heck of a… well, it’s been.

And I thought I’d add a little bit of holiday cheer to the mix right about now! We’d all love to have a few extra dollars to spend this holiday season, which is why I joined up with these other lovely bloggers to give away $130 to Amazon or Paypal! It’s as simple as entering via the giveaway button below. That’s it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I hope YOU are the big winner and maybe you can treat yourself to a little extra something… because by then it will have been quite a month.