Can you stay 4 forever?

One day… probably around April, 2014, I started making a simple request of Miss L on occasions that she did something amazingly adorable (which, to a mom, is almost everything all the time, so realize that I did limit myself). I found myself saying it time and time again, and over the year I took note of my favorite responses…

“Can you just stay 4 forever?”

“Oh I can’t Mommy. Or else I won’t get to grow up and big and be your best friend.”

“Can you please stay 4 forever?”

“No, because I REALLY like eating vegetables!”

“Won’t you please stay 4 forever?”

“But I want to go to Kindergarten! And you said I have to be 5 to go!”

“Can you please just and be 4 for a couple more years?”

“I want to grow tall and play basketball”

“Why can’t you be 4 forever?”

“I really don’t want to stop eating vegetables”

“If you don’t ever turn 5, you can eat ice cream every day!”

“But then I can’t marry Izzy!”

“Can’t you just stop growing up for a little while?”

“I don’t ever want to stop growing up. Unless I get to be tall like a giant. Then I’ll stop”

“Will you just

“I want to grow up and live in Africa. That means I need to grow up.”

“Can you just try and see if you can stop getting older?”

“Mommy! I just can’t! I love vegetables too much and they make you grow big and tall and strong!”

“No more birthdays – you’re going to be 4 forever!”

“Can I please just have this one birthday? Then I’ll think about staying 5 forever. But probably not”

Today, our darling Miss L turned 5 despite all of the universe-halting & Evie-time-stopping-power I tried to gather in these past 24 hours.

And despite my sadness that the miracle of age 4 has passed us by… I can also say that I’m so gosh darn grateful for the past 5 years and every single day from now on that I get to spend with her…

It must have been the power of all of those vegetables…

(which also explains why I haven’t ever grown up!)

Happy Birthday Miss L!


whimsy of disney: mary blair clothes


If you’re one of Mary Blair’s admirers and you’re a female, you’re going to flip over what I’m about to tell you. Mary Blair clothing now exists! Some of Mary’s amazing patterns and artwork have been transformed into 12 dresses and 8 skirts straight out of the 50’s/60’s and they’ll be available for purchase online at in April.

Now my body won’t let me wear the dresses, but boy will I be pining for one of those giant skirts in the coming months!

See/Shop the collection here!


tasty goodness: Kettle Brand Potato Chips – Maple Bacon

Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to try out the snacks you’ve been coveting for months… you know, the ones you glance at and walk by with regret shopping trip after shopping trip. I try my best to avoid the “snack” aisle my any means necessary… but had zero excuses to not buy everything there on the morning of the game. I had zero interest in who won, since it was Mr. M’s evil team vs. my evil team, so might as well munch on junk food and nap through it!

I decided that my super special new treat would be Maple Bacon Kettle Brand Potato Chips. I mean COME ON! Pancake syrup and bacon… in a salty potato chip??? YES PLEASE!

Kettle Brand Maple Bacon Potato Chips

Kettle Brand Maple Bacon Potato Chips

But the excitement died down quickly once I opened the bag at 3pm… right around when the “opening ceremonies” begin. I took one bite and could feel my face create a puzzled look. I went back for another chip, and then a third. Finally, after about 6 chips I figured it out.


These chips were somehow just flavored with a variation of barbecue seasoning. Now maybe the original barbecue formula is made of maple/bacon tastes? And we should be calling all barbecue chips “Maple Bacon” chips?

They didn’t taste bad at all. Especially because barbecue is my default favorite chip flavor. But they definitely weren’t super special like I hoped. Oh well.



2 yummies


valentines from an almost 5 year old

The M household has made some creative Valentines over the past 3 years. We made a simple photo card for the “pre-candy” years. Then we dipped fortune cookies in chocolate and added sprinkles. Finally, we partially assembled some Olaf marshmallows.


In the past 2 years, Miss L has helped with the creation/assembly of the Valentine cards. After all, this stuff “is” supposed to all be for the kids, right?

But this year was different. After my eyes had glossed over from seeing ideas on Pinterest at the beginning of the month, I asked Miss L what kind of Valentines she’d like to share.

“I’m thinking I could draw hearts and cut them out and decorate them.”

“That sounds like a good idea!” I said cautiously, still trying to figure out how to capitalize on some crazy new love pun that hadn’t been used before…

Meanwhile, she was drawing a giant heart, coloring it with her markers and cutting it out with her prized kid scissors. Soon, a small pile began to accumulate on her drawing table. By the end of the weekend, I realized that these were truly going to be her Valentine’s Day cards.

And so… on the eve of the 12th of February, she still had 20 more “cards” to make. I offered her some scrapbook paper to alleviate the need to customize each one with markers… an offer which was carefully mulled over before being accepted. I explained the time crunch and that this would help get them all done. A minute passed before she conceded the fully artistic hearts for partially decorated ones.


And thus, she worked her magic creating 32 giant hearts to give to her friends, complete with her signature, a stamped lion and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sticker on the backside.

I’m going to mark this year as the one where Miss L took charge of her creativity and savor the moment. And I can’t wait to see her ideas for her first Kindergarten Valentines next February!


iphone case commissions available

Miss L wants you to know that she’s truly an “iPhone case designer.” No really. She started talking about how we need to show all of our friends her phone case designs so that she’ll get “so many orders from everyone that [she] won’t be able to keep up!”  I’m not sure if she’s been catching episodes of “Shark Tank” or reading preschool economics books, but her entrepreneurial spirit is definitely alive.

The latest design in the Miss L collection of bespoke iPhone case designs courtesy of Uncommon:


Alligators and giraffes are the current animals de jour in her artistic repertoire, so when Mr. M requested an alligator, she definitely delivered. I did use the magic of Photoshop to resize and position the design elements on the uncommon template that they provide, but the work is 100% all Miss L.

She’s still trying her best to sell those duck footprints… so if anyone is up for grabbing them, just let me know!