serious geeky loot

Have you heard of #Lootcrate? It’s advertised as a monthly subscription box of geek and gamer gear… and judging from their hashtag popularity, they deliver month after month on that promise.


So, being a family of “gamers & geeks,” I gifted Mr. M a 3-month subscription to LootCrate for his August birthday. And what arrived on our doorstep at the end of August was silly fun for the whole family! There was an exclusive Pop Vinyl Groot collectble (which mandated that we go out and find all his Guardian friends), Shwings to add wings to your favorite lace-ups, and TMNT sunglasses and an action figure!

Needless to say, Mr. M was pretty happy and Miss L is sporting those sunglasses as often as possible.

I’m always pretty skeptical of the monthly subscription boxes, mainly because I’ve been jaded by one too many fragrance samples I’ll never use for $10/month. I mean, does anyone ever run out perfume in those little sample vials? But LootCrate this month was definitely worth the $18.37 price tag! Mr. M actually asked, “Um… so I get more of these right?”  Yes dear, yes you do.

Next month’s theme: GALACTIC!  So, items from Firefly, Star Wars and Star Trek… yeah, I think it’s a safe bet that he’ll love that one too!

[p.s. if you use the code SAVE10 you’ll get a 10% discount on your subscription]

Anyone out there an avid looter too?

rock your baby to sleep with rock n’ roll


I was driving in the car with Miss L when “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day came across the speakers. “I think I’ve heard this song before Mamma!” she exclaimed before trying to sing along with the words she didn’t know.

I got really excited for a moment. REALLY excited.

You see, Miss L’s only concert in utero was going to see Green Day. And I’m pretty certain my belly couldn’t keep the music out of her little cramped space in my belly. So as I was driving, I had these grand visions of her knowing every song, and being all due to her exposure at one concert. You know, some sort of personal experimental confirmation of those “babies can hear classical music you play” studies.

I was starting to compose tweets in my head to @BJAofficial with my amazing story, and my daughter who just magically knows how to rock out because of one concert when she was 20-something weeks old.

But by the time I got to the next stoplight, I realized something. And I felt a little silly.

I realized that we had purchased Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Green Day
when she was a wee babe… and she had heard it play countless times over the years. So… that would be the logical explanation for why she knew the melody and not the lyrics. Good job mom brain…

But… the song was still really familiar to her??? That’s still cool, right?

So if you’d like to prepare your child to love the songs you’ll love for all time, then I’d start priming them with Rockabye Baby! music right now. And there’s an even better option for all Amazon Prime members, as your free subscription to Amazon Music includes 51 Rockabye Baby! albums! Make a playlist of all your favorite rock songs and lull your child to sleep as they stream over the noise machine in their room every night!

growing pumpkins

Raley's Farmer for a Day

At the end of June, Miss L went on an expedition to plant pumpkins thanks to Raley’s and their Farmer for a Day event at Vierra Farms in West Sacramento.

Raley's Farmer for a Day

When we arrived, there was a tractor with a hay bale trailer waiting to take us out to the pumpkin patch. You know what that meant? HAY RIDE!!! And while that might be a staple of fall for most people, Vierra Farms hopped on that whole “fall is now” trend way before Starbucks did this year!

Raley's Farmer for a Day

Dave, the official farmer, showed all the kids the pumpkin seeds, and explained how they grow. He broke them apart to show everyone what was inside, and then talked about how to grow them from seeds in your own yard.


Miss L dutifully planted her seed, then went back to the see bucket for more! I’m pretty certain there are about 4 pumpkin vines waiting for her right now…

Raley's Farmer for a Day

We then went back to the farm house (and the shade) to enjoy a freshly packed lunch from Raley’s.


Miss L also indulged in all the activities available for the day: bubbles, hula hoops, and flavored water sampling. (If you must know, the cucumber water was her favorite!)

Raley's Farmer for a Day

Raley’s was kind to share a goodie bag with everyone with a map of local farms, snacks, and sparklers!


And the end of the day, there was a raffle for all attendees, and Miss L had her eye on winning one of these nifty PlanetBox lunchboxes! Well, lo and behold, she was not only the first winning ticket called, but lucky enough to win this right out of the box! She’s pretty much the coolest kid at lunch now…or so she says!

Raley's Farmer for a Day

As we left the farm that afternoon, Miss L asked me if we could buy some pumpkin seeds and plant them. AND if we could grow sunflowers as well.

And so we did… and everything is growing in the backyard now! In fact, if you’d like to learn how to grow your own pumpkin patch for this year or next… just check out my Momtastic post with details on exactly how to grown your own pumpkins!

a farmer and her dog


A few weeks ago, Farmer L got impatient with her sprouts in the garden and decided to pull up her first carrot of the season.

She proudly came in the house and showed it off to everyone and agreed to a photo-op with her crop.

It was then quickly hijacked by Lincoln, the epic table grazer of the family, and taken to his grassy lair.


Little did he know that it takes a lot of effort for a giant dog try to eat such a tiny carrot. The giggles that ensued were worth the loss!

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