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do something good: support the free press


“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets..”
Napoléon Bonaparte

I’m a news junkie.

I love news documentaries (have you seen Mommy Dead and Dearest yet?!?). I read Newsweek front to back every week in the library in high school. I have a favorite 60 minutes anchor (Morley Safer), NPR host (Steve Inskeep), and was actively cheering on David Fahrenthold for the Pulitzer Prize this year for his amazing investigative journalism throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign.

It’s with that appreciation that I ask you to do something good and support the free press today by subscribing to a newspaper. You know… those archaic things that used to be delivered to every house before people got their news on Facebook? Or cable?

Maybe you get all of your news online by clicking, but we all know that you will never get the full story in a 10 article a month limit from your local newspaper or the New York Times. So let’s just agree to toss the money you spent on that Unicorn Frappuccino last month into an online newspaper subscription, ok?

The Washington Post

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Well, then you should go ahead and activate your FREE 6-month digital trial to the Washington Post TODAY!

If you’re not… then just pay $2.50/week (aka. 1 grande coffee/week)

The New York Times

SUBSCRIBE FOR $3.75/week (aka. 1 grande latte/week)

Your Local Newspaper

Support your local free press… because they’re helping find the truth in your backyard!

Enter your zipcode at and get all the best subscription deals for your local papers!

Now enjoy your home brewed coffee while scrolling through your legitimately purchased news app and pat yourself on the back for supporting our democracy and the 1st amendment!

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5 reasons everyone should visit a Lantern Festival


Once you’ve seen Walt Disney Animation’s “Tangled” … you will add attending a lantern festival to your bucket list. And once you’ve seen the floating lanterns in person, you won’t cross it off your list, because once will never be enough.

Last September, we took a drive over the state line and headed to Reno, Nevada for one of these events: “The Lantern Fest.” The event was held out at a a remote dirt race track outside the city limits in Fernley and the lines to get in to park were HOURS long. We thought we’d arrive with enough time to get a snack from the food trucks and settle in before the big event, but instead we were stuck outside on a 2-lane road for 90 minutes and were a bit frantic that we might miss the entire event. But… we didn’t.


Instead we parked and walked through a very nondescript dirt parking lot…


… out to the race track.

Checking in for the event was incredibly simple with our printed tickets, and each of us got our lantern (and the extras we ordered) and s’mores kit and walked inside the venue.

From there, we settled ourselves on the far northern edge of the track -like literally SITTING on the high banks of the track – near a s’mores pit and a nice view of what was to come.


Reason 1: It’s Tangled in Real Life

Miss L insisted on bringing her Rapunzel dress to the event… and wearing it 0.2 seconds after we found our spot on the track.


Reason #2: You get to be crafty!

As we waited for the sky to darken completely, we took out the markers we had packed to decorate our lanterns.


Reason #3: MORE S’Mores!!!

And we ate s’mores. We got a kit with our tickets, but I had packed extra s’mores kits as well with our extendable metal forks. I mean… you should never leave your kit at home when you’ve got it, right?



I must admit it started to feel like forever out there in the desert as we all waited for night, but the excitement in the air was palpable. We made friends at the s’mores pit with others, danced to the music from the main stage at the center of the race track, and relaxed into what was about to happen.


Before it was time to light the lanterns, the only light came from the tiki torches that were elegantly laid out in rows. It was the tiki torches that were our key to lighting our lanterns, and there were more than enough to help everyone out.

We waited patiently for the fire marshall to give the OK (I mean… let’s not pretend that this is all super safe and lovely because there are people and vegetation that can catch fire in the middle of the desert in Nevada!)…


And then they started to rise…


And you just can’t contain the happiness in your chest at that moment. It’s just… well… MAGIC.


Reason #4: Going from dark to LIGHT

Then it was our turn to try it out!


Mr. M carefully lit our first lantern, and then held it for about 30 seconds before it built up enough hot air to lift out of his hands…


The sky was bright at this point… just completely lit up by lanterns as far as you could see up and down and all around!


We tried to track each of the lanterns as they made it up into the sky, until it was too far away from us to pick out among the hundreds above it.


Some people left about 5 minutes after the first lantern went up, but they were the real losers. While they got out of the parking lot quickly, they didn’t get to soak in all of the magic that every additional lantern created for thirty more minutes.

Because honestly, when do you cry in Tangled? Is it the first lantern she sees? Or is it when they start singing together? I start to tear up on the flash to Pascal tearing up… but the water works let loose when they sing together. And that’s definitely after 5 minutes!


So we stayed! And we kept lighting our lanterns!




And we enjoyed the magic as long as we could!


Reason #5: MAGIC!

I mean, who doesn’t need an extra helping of magic?


We finally made our exit and slowly made our way back over the Sierras and into California… and planned for our next visit to a crazy lantern festival in the desert.

Because one is definitely not enough.

I encourage everyone to try and experience this in person at some point in your life! I mean, I saw the amazing photos and videos on a friend’s Facebook page and that’s all it took to convince me to go! Two of the most popular events are the Lantern Fest, which may be coming near you this year, and the Rise Festival out in the Mojave Desert near Vegas!​ And if it isn’t in your near future, then hopefully that scene from Tangled will keep lighting up your life!


celebrate Earth Day 2017 with Born in China

Earth Day 2017 is almost here (ahem… April 22nd)… and this year it seems especially important to celebrate and share the message of saving our planet with our kiddos. Whether you’re marching for science, or simply celebrating at a festival in your neighborhood, take some time this weekend to share with your family the fact that we only have one earth and that we need to take care of it.

But you know what has been an incredibly easy way for me to help teach the importance of Earth Day to Miss L?  Disneynature films! And this Earth Day will be no exception with the release of, “Born in China.”  And I can guarantee you just one word will get you to see this film:


You LOVE pandas. Everyone LOVES pandas. I LOVE PANDAS! I mean, I spent 1.5 hours last year at the Smithsonian Zoo watching the pandas and practically crying for every minute I was there!

Heck, we have even used Virtual Reality (via our PlayStationVR) to play with the pandas this week!

And in case you don’t fall apart at the sight of a panda like I do, I think there are other ridiculously adorable baby animals to tide you over as well.

Yup. We’re all going to see Disneynature’s Born in China and hug our Earth a little tighter when we get home!

And here’s an activity packet for all of you with littles at home who want to learn a little bit more about all of the animals in Disneynature’s Born in China!

Download Disneynature’s Born in China Activity Pack


what I want from Target this week: Cat and Jack Spring clothes

What I Want from Target this Week

Cat & Jack for Miss L

I can’t be the only one who is completely enamored with Cat & Jack from Target. I mean… soft fabric, great messages, super stylish, and the perfect price point… and all 5 minutes away from my house! Yeah… I love it!

Here are some of my favorite items that I eyed for Miss L this month:

Silver Foil Windbreaker ($19.99); Solar System T-Shirt ($6.00)

Rainbow Tights ($3.99); Flamingo Tights ($4.99), Bunny Knee Tights ($4.99)

Dream It Believe It Achieve It T-Shirt ($9.99); The Earth Without Art is Just ‘Eh’ T-Shirt ($9.99)


goodbye Lincoln

Life isn’t always full of puppy dogs and rainbows. But when it is… it’s amazing.

And when that puppy dog goes chasing after the end of the rainbow way too early in life… well… it’s really hard to accept.

At the end of January, our dearly loved 4 year-old Bernese Mountain Dog Lincoln seemed to catch a case of kennel cough after boarding over the holiday weekend. So he got some antibiotics.

Then he started throwing up, which we and the vet attributed to the icky antibiotics. So we gave him anti-nausea pills.

Then he stopped eating. And drinking. So we took him in again with everyone thinking he ate some silly toy while he was boarding and that was causing the problems.

But then… it wasn’t silly.

It was cancer.

We were told he only had days left, but we asked what we could do.

We got him all the chemo pills and would do anything if it would help.

We even called UC Davis to try to get him into an experimental treatment program for new cancer drugs.

But he wouldn’t eat the pills. And he stopped drinking water. And then we just knew.

We hugged him and loved him and spent the days sitting next to him and nights sleeping next to him on the floor.

And when it seemed like we had no more tears left to cry, we said goodbye.

Everyone told us we wouldn’t want a giant dog. That we’d hate the drool. And the shedding. And we’d never be able to use our coffee table again.

But I’ll tell every dog person I know to welcome a GIANT dog into their life just for one go around.

Because you’ve never felt love like that before.

It’s taken me a month to write this… because he left a giant hole in our hearts, our home and our life.
He was so loved and loved everyone else back 1000%.

We loved that big silly puppy and we know he’s playing with Memphis over in dog heaven and maybe he’s finally going to win that epic tug of war battle.
And one day we’ll get a chance to snuggle up with him again.

Goodbye, Lincoln. We miss you so much buddy.