a star wars gift for every type of star wars fan

While some families are counting down the days until Christmas, my family is happily counting down our early Christmas present: the next Star Wars movie! And if you’ve got someone in your family who is doing the same, chances are they’d be more than happy to receive anything Star Wars-y this holiday season. But, as you may know, Star Wars fans definitely come in all ages/shapes/sizes… so one gift definitely may not fit all. Here are some unique gifts to give every type of Star Wars fan:

For the fashionista who loves a side of Star Wars to carry their designer goods:


Bloomingdale’s Star Wars Rey Tote & BB8 Tote

For the Star Wars fan who crushes on R2D2 and robots of all sorts:


Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

For the crafty Star Wars fan:


Star Wars Crochet

For a family of Star Wars fans who like to liven things up at night:


Nerf Chewbacca BowcasterNerf First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster & Lightsabers oh my!

For the Star Wars fan that loves Calvin and Hobbes or Winnie the Pooh:


Snow Wars sweatshirt & Wookie the Chew t-shirt

For the most active little Star Wars fans in your house:


UNICEF Kid Power Band

For the ultimate Star Wars gamer:


Darth Vader PlayStation® 4 Limited Edition Star Wars™ Battlefront™ 500GB Bundle

For the Star Wars fan who loves all things cute at Christmas:


Hallmark Star Wars Christmas Itty Bittys

For the Star Wars fans who love to bake:


Williams-Sonoma Star Wars Cookie Cutters

For the shoe-loving Star Wars fan:


C3PO loafers

For the Star Wars fan/kid at heart that never got that giant LEGO set they wanted:


LEGO Millennium Falcon

For the Star Wars fangirl who loves gold:


Death Star gold ring & Tie Fighter gold necklace

For the Star Wars fan that just wants to cuddle with a wookie tonight:


Chewbacca Build-A-Bear (and you can give him Chewbacca sounds!)


how to be happy about the end of the hunger games

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I remember the day that Jennifer Lawrence was announced as Katniss back in early 2011. Social media went nuts… in the worst way. Everyone announced, in their best authoritative movie tone, that she would “ruin” the books and the character and everything that the written trilogy stood for. And now, on the eve of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 coming out in theatres on Friday, November 20th, could you possibly imagine cheering on anyone else in that role?

Back then, I really had no idea what anyone was talking about because I hadn’t read the books. And since I saw The Hunger Games, I decided that I’d stay away from them until I watched the final film. So after four years of shooshing people who have tried to ruin the ending, you really can’t understand how excited I am to be just hours away from seeing how everything ends up in Panem! But it doesn’t mean I’m completely clueless as to the final plot… I mean… we have all seen the trailers right??

In this film, Katniss won’t be contained in any staged arena, but instead she’s trying to end the rule of President Snow along with Gale, Finnick & Peeta. And knowing her, the choices she’ll have to make throughout will be gut-wrenching and tear-inducing as always, but in an amazingly badass way! I don’t know about you, but every time I see one of the films, I just want to run out and do something good so that the world never becomes Panem. I guess that’s what good dystopian fiction is all about, right?

I know at least one person who will be seeing that opening night show (ahem – Michelle)… and I’m sure the rest of the world will follow this weekend. This is definitely a weekend made for Fandango!

Speaking of which… I-C is hosting a contest where you can enter to win one of 5 $100 Fandango gift cards to purchase tickets for Mockingjay – Part 2!
To enter, just choose a social media sharing option from the social media amplification tool below! (And do it soon! Entries close Friday, November 20, 2015!)

Mockingjay Part 2 Giveaway
*I-C will randomly select 5 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.

Oh… and may the odds be ever in your favor!

family, geeky

It’s time to play Pie Face!

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Do you love hearing the sound of your family laughing? And do you adore the feeling you get when you bust up with a giant belly laugh? Then click this link right now and buy your family the silliest board game ever: Pie Face!

We could hardly wait to break out the game during last week’s family game night! Mr. M had been ready for weeks! He had randomly sent me a text message a few weeks ago with a link to the game and the simple message: BUY THIS NOW!!!!!! So when we got a chance to review the game, I nearly jumped out of my seat with excitement. As for Miss L, well… do you really need to convince a 5-year-old that it’s fun to get whipped cream in their face? No. No you don’t.

The game is incredibly simple. Just assemble the pieces (takes less than a minute out of the box), grab a can of whipped cream and a piece of paper and a pen!

The youngest member of the family goes first and spins the wheel. Your spin dictates how many times you need to twist the game handle while your head sits in anticipation of getting creamed. If you make it through all of your turns without getting whipped cream in your face, then you’re awarded double the amount of turns as points.

So… you spin 2… take 2 twists on the Pie Face instrument with no whipped cream splat… you get 4 points!


First person to 25 points wins!
You can also elect to take less twists than your number of spins, however then you’re only awarded that number as points. So if you spin 5, and only take two uneventful twists, you’re only awarded 2 points.

Want to know how many points I scored in our initial Pie Face challenge? ZERO!

Miss L had 2 points.

Mr. M. got 25 and never got a Pie Face… so in celebration of his win we made him turn the handle until he got one. No one escapes the silliness in this family!

We’ve never collectively laughed and giggled so much as we did that night outside of a tickle fight! It really is going to be the best gift of the 2015 holiday season! Who cares about a pumpkin shortage… there’s going to be ZERO whipped cream on store shelves on Christmas morning!

I hope your family gets just as much fun out of this silly game as we did!


family Christmas pajamas… 2015 edition!

Once again, it’s the time of year to start thinking of just how adorable your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Text photo from Christmas morning could be… if your family was wearing all matching pajamas!

Lucky for you, it’s easier than ever to get a matching ensemble, but you might want to shop in November just to make sure everyone gets the size they needed for Christmas morning!

Target once again outdid themselves and created a bunch of options for sale both online and in their stores:


Fairisle Family Pajama Collection

(mens, womens, kids, toddler)

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A pretty little desk space

When I switched jobs in April, a few of my friends warned me about the impending “cubicle” situation.

“You will miss your privacy!”

“You’ll miss having your own space!”

And I did. But as my new job is in a world of cubicles, I knew I wasn’t alone. And…I figured I’d do something about it.

I decorated my cube!

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