are you/were you a “woo girl?”

This week’s How I Met Your Mother dealt with an important subject: woo girls.

According to the urban dictionary, a woo girl is: (1) a female who is often found going ‘WOOOOOO!’ in public. This behavior is most often exhibited while in the presence of other woo-girls. it is speculated that this is a mating call used to attract men of less than average intelligence. this behavior can most easily be observed in bar districts, at maroon 5 concerts, or spring break destinations. (2) a girl who shakes her ass and goes “woooo” when she gets a drop of alcohol in her.

So, I ask you, my female readers, to complete the following poll with honesty and sincerity:

[poll id=”5″]

In case you didn’t see it, you can watch the full episode here.

7 thoughts on “are you/were you a “woo girl?”

  1. Haha!!! At my dodgeball game last night a few of us gals were cheering and one gal remarked, “we are such wooo girls!” We then had to explain the HIMYM remark to a few other people, but everyone thought it was hilarious.

  2. I love that show and that episode cracked me up! I am just not so woo-ey anymore but I proudly wooed in college all the time :)

  3. Ha i saw the show last week. i’ve voted for 100% woo … but now that i see your definition.. maybe i need to rethink my wooing factor…

    “this is a mating call used to attract men of less than average intelligence.”

    …. i think that explains a lot!

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