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iFLY : You Fly Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever wanted to go skydiving, but you’re terrified of jumping out of a plane? Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I’d love to fall through the air, but just don’t want to deal with the heart pounding and stroke inducing process of getting out of a plane thousands of feet in the air. So, when I was gifted with an experience at iFLY Sacramento, I figured this was my shot to get all the thrills of skydiving without the immanent peril!

iFLY Voucher

Mr. M and Miss L had previously gone to iFLY on their own, and they took advantage of a wonderful offer they have for return flyers. They bought me a “Spread Your Wings” Return package for Mother’s Day that was good for 4 flights for 2 people that’s about 1/2-price of the original visit cost. That way I could go… and Miss L could go again with me!iFLY Sacramento Roseville

The iFLY Experience

We called and made a reservation for the 2nd class on Saturday morning, which was perfect because breakfast had settled down (I mean… no one wants to get sick in an air tube!) and it was the perfect time for lunch right after!)

Well, I won’t get too far ahead of myself here… because I was definitely a little nervous about the whole encounter.

Mr. M had told me it was a lot of fun.

Miss L was ready and rearing to go again.

And I just had no idea what to expect from the entire encounter!?!

Getting Ready to Fly

Check in was easy: tell them who we were, pay extra to upgrade to “fancy goggles” or not, then head into the waiting area. When our time approached we got suited up and I headed in for “training” – aka. watching an instruction video about the best things to do when encountering a GIANT FAN BLADE IN THE GROUND. Then, we marched into the tube and took a seat in the “waiting area” with direct access to previously mentioned GIANT FAN BLADE.

There was a boy in our group that was celebrating his birthday that day, so he had the honor of going in first. Except… well… that was pretty much the most horrific experience that poor kid had ever had in his life. I’m not sure what scared him, but he started flailing and fretting about 5 seconds into his flight and they got him out of the tube quickly… and then he ran to his parents sobbing and never came back.

The instructor went over to him to try to coax him back, but it was fruitless.

Flying at iFly

Then it was my turn! (Yay?)

I was feeling really ZEN about the whole experience right up until that point. I started worrying about what could have traumatized that kid. Was it when he looked down at the fan? Or the force of the wind? Or… OR….?!??!? Seriously why were we paying money to be tortured!!!

There was no time to deal with my complete runaway insane thoughts because the instructor was ushering me into the plastic tube of indoor skydiving fun RIGHT THEN.

I decided to push it all out of my mind, took a deep break and opted for ZEN.

I approached the door, closed my eyes for a brief second, took a deep breath, and then just sort of belly-flopped out into the fan.

And it worked. Zen TOTALLY worked.

The next 60 seconds was just fun and relaxing and easy. Nothing scary. Nothing traumatizing. Just flying and floating on the clouds.

In all honesty, the hardest part was the entry and exit to the tube… which Miss L said I did wrong each and every time. I’m not graceful on a normal day, so I’m not sure how I’m supposed to perfect my skydiving takeoff and landing without A LOT of practice.

When it was Miss L’s turn… she hopped in there like a pro. And she spun around to the top of the tube like she’s been doing this stuff since she was 4 years old. And, of course, she nailed the takeoff and landing.

We cycled through everyone in the group, and then we got the chance to fly again!

This time, we were all asked if we wanted to go up higher in the tube during our ride. It’s an “upcharge” cost, but you get blasted by even more wind and it becomes more of an amusement ride than a free fall float. At this point, I was so zen I said, “Sure!” (Mr. M later told me he was crazy impressed because he never thought I’d ASK, let alone pay extra to get thrown around in there!) Miss L took an extra high dive as well, and then our journey came to an end.

Well… that is until we bought yet another “Spread Your Wings” return package for another afternoon in the future!

iFly Sacramento: 118 Harding Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678.


Our Super Bowl 50 NFL Experience

Next Sunday, the Broncos and the Panthers will play in Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara. So this past Saturday, our family headed down to San Jones to revel in a bit of the frenzy before the big game.

In anticipation of the madness, I purchased tickets for the NFL Experience way back when they went on sale in November. This allowed us to take advantage of buying NFLXtra passes for the day, which are essentially “fast pass” tickets that let you jump to the front of most lines in the convention center. It was an extra $25 cost to the regular ticket, but they’re sold in a limited amount each day. For us, it was well worth it to just enjoy the day and attend everything without any worry about lines. Even with the fast passes, we still spent 7 hours at the NFL Experience!


 Upon arrival at Moscone Center, we went to pick up our tickets at will call and browse through the merchandise at the NFL Shop. The shop was filled with everything Super Bowl 50: shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc. Unfortunately, if your team did not make the Super Bowl, there wasn’t a lot to offer. Oh wait, they did have $110 kid’s NFL jerseys for every team. But despite the puppy dog eyes from Miss L for her own authentic Jets jersey (kid… I don’t even own a real jersey!), we left the store with only one purchase: a small Super Bowl 50 football ripe for autographs. Oh… and I saw Joe Montana and met Left Shark!


We crossed the street, went through security, and officially entered the gauntlet that is the “NFL Experience.” Outside of the pavilions, there were agility games from the NFL Combine set up for your enjoyment. And by enjoyment, I just mean an opportunity to laugh at yourself while you realize how sub-par you are athletically in all of these categories.

Out of those offerings, we decided to run the 40-yard dash against Miss L. First time through, Mr. M let her win. The next time, I ran as fast as I could and beat her… which, if you realized how slow I run, was actually an accomplishment in my book.

Once inside, all of our senses were accosted by ALL THINGS NFL. Truly. At one point in the day, Mr. M said he was going to go find a quiet spot and relax. Turns out that quiet spot was a quick game of football target throwing… which, to his credit, was in a relatively quiet corner.

So here are just a few of the things we did:

  We took silly photos and put them on old Super Bowl tickets. (We picked the palm tree one because it was pretty).

Miss L tested her skills in a variety of games throughout the convention center floor.

Then she signed up for a 30-minute skills exercise (with current NFL players Roy Helu and Marcus Smith) on the Play-60 kid’s field.


Mr. M bought a customized Jets football from the Wilson booth. 

And we got our very own “Smith” autographed football. Mr. M and Miss L got autographs from the Super Bowl winning Smith brothers: Marcus and Steve. And I got to meet Alex Smith!

And we got to see this year’s Lombardi trophy!
All in all, it was an exhausting but extremely fun day where we got our NFL and Super Bowl 50 fill!

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scenes from the 2015 alamo bowl

January 2, 2015. The day my mom and I returned to Texas for yet another UCLA Football game. This time for a bowl game. It might not have been the national championship team that we all hoped for in August (go Oregon – #BackthePAC), it definitely became a team that we all loved a little too much. Perhaps it was the weekly reality show treatment courtesy of Pac-12 Network’s “The Drive” or just that we had so much fun at that game in Dallas?  No matter… we wanted to see them go out on top and beat Kansas State!

UCLA v Kansas State - 2015 Alamo Bowl

So back to Texas we went… this time to San Antonio. Where it was cold and rainy like it was in Dallas. To say I’m not sold on Texas weather would be an understatement. The folks from Kansas seemed warm at least, so they were happy to have driven south for a week.

This was the scene outside of the Alamo Bowl. They had all these great bands and stages and activities set up… but it was so miserably cold and wet that they barely had any fans hanging around. We spent the afternoon huddled under the Bruin Bash tent in coats and waited for the deluge to calm a little bit before making our way into the stadium.

UCLA v Kansas State - 2015 Alamo Bowl

This was the scene outside of the Alamo Bowl. They had all these great bands and stages and activities set up… but it was so miserably cold and wet that they barely had any fans hanging around. We spent the afternoon huddled under the Bruin Bash tent in coats and waited for the deluge to calm a little bit before making our way into the stadium.

UCLA v Kansas State - 2015 Alamo Bowl

Ah… yes… 70 degree warmth inside of a bowl! This makes me realize just how insane fans are in Buffalo and Green Bay, and how lucky those St. Louis, Indianapolis & Detroit fans truly are!

UCLA v Kansas State - 2015 Alamo Bowl

UCLA fans were outnumbered at least 20:1 in San Antonio over the weekend, but when we were out walking it seemed like 100:1. The running joke among UCLA fans was how many purple fans had remarked, “Wow! You’re the first UCLA fan I’ve seen!” No matter… we made sure that we represented well when we could. We were sitting in the last row, which meant I could stand up and yell for days with no one in my way. And with all of the 3rd downs and 4th downs we endured on defense, you might understand why I still have no voice a week later.

Our jubilant celebrations in the first half led to frightened heart attacks in the 2nd… but in the end we pulled out the victory to yet another 10 win season!

UCLA v Kansas State - 2015 Alamo Bowl

And even though our trip to San Antonio was short, we did get to partake in some of it’s loveliness outside of the game. We visited the Alamo, since it was literally 100 feet from our hotel (Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk).

We indulged in charbroiled oysters from LUKE (aka. one of New Orlean’s chef John Besh’s restaurant) during their killer happy hour… which may or may not be the last time I enjoy such amazingness due to my body’s not-so-awesome reaction the next morning….

UCLA v Kansas State - 2015 Alamo Bowl

And we took some leisurely strolls and a lovely boat ride down the Riverwalk in both the bitter cold and the pretty sunshine of our departure day.

UCLA v Kansas State - 2015 Alamo Bowl

UCLA v Kansas State - 2015 Alamo Bowl

San Antonio is definitely a great destination city for conventions/events… just hoping that it’s warmer the next time I stop by! And so ends 2014-15 UCLA Football… and our trips to Texas for the near future… great season Bruins and thanks for making us fans proud!