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London’s first corgicon

It’s true! On October 21, 2017, Miss London the Corgi attended her first ever Northern California CorgiCon!

And it truly was a sight to see! There were hundreds of corgis ready to play and thousands of people ready to play with them on below the Cliff House on Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

There was lots of room on the beach for free play.

Miss London the Corgi's first group photo at CorgiCon in San Francisco

There was a group photo and Miss L and Miss London got front row seats!

And there were other organized activities for everyone to watch and enjoy: an agility course, a costume contest, and finally the Corgi Derby!

Miss London was quite hesitant at first. We weren’t sure if it was the sand or perhaps the giant CorgiCon crowd, but her little corgi paws spent the first half hour tiptoeing gently across the beach. But with each human corgi fan that stopped to bend down and say, “Hi” to her, her spirit eased a bit. Soon, she was the one doing the introductions and just licking people’s hands and bumping up against their legs.

“Hey, you! I’m super cute! LOVE ME??? LOVE ME!!!”

Miss London the Corgi relaxing with strangers

If she wasn’t on a leash, anyone on that beach could have taken this pup home with them for just a few minutes of adoration. She was just blinded by all of the love.

Miss London the Corgi meeting her corgi friend

But what about all of the other corgis? You know, the hundreds of other dogs chilling at the beach? Yeah… I don’t think she really noticed them at all. Well… that is until the CorgiCon corgi races!

There were about 6 people deep all around the fenced off activity area, so Miss L and London missed seeing the agility and costume contests. Being a head taller than most normal people, I got to sneak some peeks. But when it came time for the running of the corgis, we ended up with a 2nd row seat for the action… and London was into that!

The first heat ran by us… and Miss London started barking up a storm! I’m not sure if she was excited? Scared? Jealous? Either way, she reacted exactly the same during the 2nd heat. Then, as they were gathering corgis to the start of the 3rd and final heat, they annouced that there were 5 open spots for the final heat. The corgi lovers we were sitting with all cheered and said, “London! Go! It’s your chance!” as they had interpreted her barks as jealousy/excitement. Miss L jumped up and down and we yelled to try and get a spot… and sure enough they invited us to the start line!

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for the race. I was at the start line with Miss London, and Miss L was at the finish line waiting to call her puppy to her. They counted down and I released London and off she went.

But then… a collision occurred!

The puppy next her crossed at the same time and suddenly London run over by her corgi cousin, and completely confused! 

Instead of running straight, she veered off to the left and into the arms of her adoring crowd. Seriously. She jumped right into the arms of random people and just sat their smiling and happy.

Miss London the Corgi tired after her first CorgiCon in San Francisco

By 2:00pm, the end of CorgiCon, this puppy was pooped. So we left the beach for some dog-friendly brunch down the road, and then finished up the day frolicking over at the Presidio.

Miss London the Corgi visiting Yoda in San Francisco

We said, “Hi!” to Yoda over at LucasFilm…

Miss London the Corgi hanging out at the Presidio

… and then got in some crazy good romps over on the large green lawn at The Main Post.

Then, it was back over the Golden Gate bridge to return home after a long corgi-filled day!

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Our Toy-riffic Cyber Week Wish List Shopping Spree!

This post brought to you by Toys“R“Us. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Kimberly Michelle.

Now that the biggest shopping days of the season are here, it’s time to act on those Wish Lists and bring home the presents for the holidays! Find deals online at Toys”R”Us this Cyber Week!

This year, we decided to take Miss L on a shopping trip to Toys”R”Us to help her fill out her personal Wish List so that everyone in the family could jump in during Cyber Week and grab all of the toys on her list! 

Now that she’s 6, she’s more aware than ever of what toys and goodies are out there, so we wanted to make sure that WE knew exactly what she wanted this year instead of just guessing. I mean, that’s what we do as adults, right? 

We headed into Toys”R”Us one rainy weekend day in November and let her loose to see just what she gravitated to throughout the shopping trip. 

The first thing that caught her eye: the new American Girl collection at Toys”R”Us! Miss L has lots of friends that have their own American Girl dolls, but never realized exactly what they were or where they came from. She instantly gravitated to the display with all of the “Truly Me” dolls and started looking for her favorite doll. After a few minutes of serious contemplation, she asked to add doll “53” to her Wish List, and then started checking out all of the clothes and accessories as well. And then we added some more of those items to her Wish List too. 

We made our way up and down all the aisles of our local Toys”R”Us… 

… stopping to play a little bit along the way as well! (These Marvel Superhero stations light up when you pass through them!)

The next toy to catch her eye was a Little Live Pets “My Dream Puppy” toy. Maybe it was the furry puppy, or the fact that it wiggled its nose when when you touched it, but she asked to add it to her list right away. This was one of those toys that was overlooked in the Big Book, but in real life she gravitated straight toward it at the end of the aisle! Guess it was a good thing to check everything out in real life! 

We turned a corner and found all of the new Rogue One Star Wars toys and Miss L couldn’t be more excited! I mean, the movie hasn’t even come into theaters and she already wants all of the toys to go along with it!

And finally… we found all of the Super Hero Girls dolls! Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Batgirl… oh my! Miss L had seen these dolls in advertising before, but never in person, and once again she was enthralled. She wanted a Wonder Woman shield, a Super Girl cape, and all of the fun dolls to play along with her in a superhero world! 

With that, Miss L’s Toys”R”Us Wish List came to a close and we left the store without buying anything that day. But we have everything on her list to jump in and buy online this Cyber Week!

So go ahead and be like us! Get your child to make their Big Book or in-person Wish List and then Shop Now at Toys”R”Us to take care of all of your toy needs! 

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mini boden for my mini me

This post was sponsored by Boden as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.


The return to school is just around the corner (next Wednesday for us!), which means the best shopping season is upon us: back-to-school shopping!!! Miss L has definitely come into her own sense of fashion in the past few years, but it’s refining itself to a place that truly reflects her personality. That has never been more true than when I handed her the mail a few weeks ago with the Mini Boden Back to School catalog and told her to mark the items of clothing she liked.


“Momma! This owl is so cute! Can I pick out this shirt?”

The first item of clothing she picked out was this Pet Portrait Shirt (Navy Owl). It has actual buttons sewed on to the shirt, which just makes the detail that much cooler, as if the owl wasn’t doing the job on its own.  Next on the list were “fuzzy”  Velour Sweatpants (Navy) to match with the shirt.


“Can I get more than one owl thing? I just really like owls right now.”

And with that, this Sherpa Lined Anorak (Multi Snowy Owls) was in our cart as well. The second she put it on, she couldn’t stop raving about how soft and furry it was! I’m super excited to have a jacket for school that can keep her warm on those cold days and also one that’s water resistant! Oh… and it’s machine washable… which means this may just last for more than one season!


And then came the rainbows!

“Momma! Can I get a rainbow dress and rainbow leggings and rainbow shirts???”

As a child of the 80’s who also had quite the love affair with rainbows, there was really no way I could say no. The Stripy Dress (Rainbow Multi Stripe) & Fun Leggings (Rainbow Stripe) are both made of the amazingly comfy and durable materials that Boden USA is known for! She also picked out the Retro Stripe T-Shirt (Navy Stripe) to complete her rainbow trifecta!

Now it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for Boden USA in my own closet, but I love the cheeky, fun and trendy pieces that Mini Boden has for kids! I also really appreciate their durability, which seems to be a kids clothing trait that varies greatly from brand to brand. I’ve been so happy about every Mini Boden purchase I’ve made for L over the years!

Here’s the part though that makes me so excited to share all about Mini Boden‘s Back to School line… YOU have a chance to win one of three $500 shopping vouchers to Boden/Mini Boden!!! The contest closes on August 22, 2016, and you can enter by choosing a social media sharing option from the social media tool below!
#BacktoSchoolwithBoden Giveaway

 I-C will randomly select 3 winners from all program entries
and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.


And if you’re excited to buy your back to school needs RIGHT NOW… you can get 25% off your purchase using this link for Mini Boden/Boden!



2014 holiday gift guide for the artistic kid

It’s no secret that ART is a big thing in our household, so I thought I’d share some of the best gifts I’ve seen for artistic kids in the past year in museum stores, art supply stores, and things that are well loved in our house!


Spirograph Design Kit: When the Easter Bunny gifted this to Miss l, I thought she might be a little young to fall in love with it. I was so wrong! She’s continually fascinated by the designs she can make on her own and all the different possibilities. $31.99

Master Kitz: Help your kids recreate the art of the masters with these amazing art kits! Whether it’s Starry Night or Sunflowers, these kits include the paint, materials and techniques to learn how to paint in each particular style. $29.99

Artist’s Loft Paints (from Michael’s): Walking into an art store for materials can set anyone back a pretty penny! Michael’s has watercolor, gouache, acrylic & oil paint sets for only $4.99 each, along with reasonably priced canvas and paper under the same label.

3Doodler: Older kids should be jumping on the new 3-D printing wave with enthusiasm and this pen is an easy way to do it! You literally paint in 3-D with melted plastic! $99

13 Artists Children Should Know: The perfect introduction to the masters of the art world for elementary school aged kids!


Seedling Design Your Own Super Hero Cape: Every house needs a caped crusader or two, so help your child’s dreams become a reality with this kit! $44.99

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad: I always wanted a light box as a kid, but they were large and impractical. So I taped things to the window and traced the “old fashioned way.” Now LED lights make these kid’s versions perfect for any of your tracing needs! Miss L loves starting with a character from tracing and then adding to the rest of the scene on her own! $23.99

Crayola Marker Airbrush Set: I received this as a “fun” present a few years back from my Dad. Then Miss L got one from her uncle. It’s safe to say that everyone wants their own airbrush kit, and this one can even decorate fabric using the right markers! $29.99

Make Your Own Animal Puppets Combine art and theater with this awesome set of creative puppet pieces! $19.99

NeoLucida Drawing Tool: This portable drawing tool helps anyone sketch objects that are sitting right in front of them by projecting it on the paper below. It’s an amazing optical trick, but it’s also a fascinating aid for artists, especially those who want a lot of practice! $49.99

Point & Shoot Camera: Let your kids explore and capture the world with their own photography! Invest in a “shockproof” version with no shutter for the little kids (usually an underwater model) to minimize breakage and avoid any models that run on non-rechargeable batteries.




matching holiday pajamas for any budget


Christmas is around the corner, which means that you should be picking out your holiday card photos and getting those printed up right away! But if you’re looking ahead to taking the perfect photos on Christmas Day, then you’re probably shopping for pajamas right now. Hanna Andersson got into the matching family PJ game a few years back (I requested holiday cards featuring such ensembles… no one delivered last year… this year maybe?), and well, now it’s most definitely a thing.

But you don’t have hundreds of dollars for a family set? Don’t worry… Target’s got you covered!



You’ve got family plaid


a family full of stripes (with doggy pj’s too!) …


the extras from Elf….


and jolly ‘ol St. Nick styles as well.

Did you want flannel pajamas too? Oh ok… you can have those too!


Choose from Skiing Santas, Penguins (light blue for women, dark blue for men), LLamas, Sock Monkeys, Space Santas and Flamingos.

The best part?  They’re priced just right for pajamas that you will only wear one night of the year (or maybe just one morning?)… and cute enough to recycle for the parents for years to come!

I’m not going to lie that I literally shouted in Target when I saw these today… and that both Miss L and Mr. M already vetoed the Elf version… but I’m excited to see all the adorable matching photos across Facebook and Instagram from Christmas morning! Maybe it’ll just be Memphis and I matching?