nkotb: the total package tour

On Saturday night, I got the privilege of reliving some of the best memories of my youth. I’m pretty certain no one at the ‘The Magic Summer‘ Tour at Shoreline Amphitheater in 1990 expected to be rocking out at an NKOTB concert 27 years later… but there I was… in the PIT at Golden 1 Center, screaming my guts out at Joey, Jon, Jordan, Danny & Donnie with my fellow Blockhead friend C. And I loved every single minute of it.

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how I saved $4000 on a new car with a simple email

Did you buy your car for the lowest price possible, or did you just settle for what you thought was a great price? What if I told you that we paid below invoice for a factory ordered car exact to our specifications and all it took was about 30 minutes on the Internet to get it? Well… we did… and I thought I’d show you how!

A friend emailed me last week and asked if I could share all of the tools that we used to buy our Subaru XV Crosstrek back in 2015. Instead of just sending her an email, I thought I’d share all of the instructions with my readers as well… because I know you love a great deal as much as I do!

Mr. M was in the market for a new car and had settled on a XV Crosstrek and had a list of features he wanted. And at the top of his list… he wanted the car in Orange!


So after test driving the car and getting a quote of $29,000 for his dream car straight from the factory, I decided to send an email to see if I could get a better price. And guess what? I did! Here’s how I did it…

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do something good

do something good: support the free press


“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets..”
Napoléon Bonaparte

I’m a news junkie.

I love news documentaries (have you seen Mommy Dead and Dearest yet?!?). I read Newsweek front to back every week in the library in high school. I have a favorite 60 minutes anchor (Morley Safer), NPR host (Steve Inskeep), and was actively cheering on David Fahrenthold for the Pulitzer Prize this year for his amazing investigative journalism throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign.

It’s with that appreciation that I ask you to do something good and support the free press today by subscribing to a newspaper. You know… those archaic things that used to be delivered to every house before people got their news on Facebook? Or cable?

Maybe you get all of your news online by clicking, but we all know that you will never get the full story in a 10 article a month limit from your local newspaper or the New York Times. So let’s just agree to toss the money you spent on that Unicorn Frappuccino last month into an online newspaper subscription, ok?

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kimmy, travel

5 reasons everyone should visit a Lantern Festival


Once you’ve seen Walt Disney Animation’s “Tangled” … you will add attending a lantern festival to your bucket list. And once you’ve seen the floating lanterns in person, you won’t cross it off your list, because once will never be enough.

Last September, we took a drive over the state line and headed to Reno, Nevada for one of these events: “The Lantern Fest.” The event was held out at a a remote dirt race track outside the city limits in Fernley and the lines to get in to park were HOURS long. We thought we’d arrive with enough time to get a snack from the food trucks and settle in before the big event, but instead we were stuck outside on a 2-lane road for 90 minutes and were a bit frantic that we might miss the entire event. But… we didn’t.

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celebrate Earth Day 2017 with Born in China

Earth Day 2017 is almost here (ahem… April 22nd)… and this year it seems especially important to celebrate and share the message of saving our planet with our kiddos. Whether you’re marching for science, or simply celebrating at a festival in your neighborhood, take some time this weekend to share with your family the fact that we only have one earth and that we need to take care of it.

But you know what has been an incredibly easy way for me to help teach the importance of Earth Day to Miss L?  Disneynature films! And this Earth Day will be no exception with the release of, “Born in China.”  And I can guarantee you just one word will get you to see this film:


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