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#KidArt: drawing books


During a busy weekend of activities here and there, I stumbled upon a wonderful new drawing book that I knew Miss L would just adore: Step-By-Step Drawing Book (Activity Books for Little Children). When I showed her the pages and asked, “Do you think you’d like to learn how to draw these things?” she enthusiastically said, “YES!” Thus, the book came home with us and out came the crayons and markers and pencils when we got home!

Miss L has a couple of other step-by-step drawing books, but so far they’ve been a bit too advanced for her. If we sit with her and go through the motions together then all is well. But eventually she’d open a page on her own and we’d hear every sound of frustration echoing from the office and her art table. But when I flipped through the pages of this book, I knew that she could tackle any of these doodles on her own and be successful each and every time!




And how well did she do? Well, here are a few of her doodles from this weekend:

As I write this, she’s currently drawing knights and castles and princesses and I really can’t wait to see how it all turns out! This book is a huge win for us, and I think we’ll look into getting their other two step-by-step books as well: Step-by-Step Drawing Animals & Step-by-Step Drawing People.




the “I’m so worn out, but if I’m going to cook it is going to be worth it” meal

Life in the M household has been a bit stressful and crazy lately. Luckily, I can report that all of it is of the “first world problems” variety, but it also has all happened to pile on momentously as the days go on. In other words, things like sleep and laundry and memory are all lost somewhere in the house and I’m not sure when, where or how I lost them all. No matter… just keep swimming!

So when I stopped at the market on Sunday evening with Miss L in search of “something” for dinner, I asked her what she wanted. We were in the proximity of the seafood counter, so she happened to glance over and immediately requested, “Oysters!”  I spent about 2 minutes trying to tell her why her mommy would be unable to open the oysters for her to eat (worst shucker ever, ladies and gents) until she just gave a giant me a pout and a little huff and gave up on the request. Hello mommy guilt-trip 101… all because Kim can’t pry open a silly shell.

Then we walked in that general direction and I asked if she’d want something else. Some other fish perhaps?

“Mussels! I want mussels!”

OK kiddo… THAT I can do. [my favorite recipe right here!]

And so we got 1 1/2 pounds of mussels, some shallots and I let L pick out a baguette, and off we went home.

And about an hour later… this was sitting in front of my plate.


Suddenly, it was a happy Sunday. And I wasn’t worried about hopping into bed at an insanely early hour, but rather just sitting there and enjoying every last scumptuous bite.

But what made me even happier? This kiddo…


… DEVOURING her mussels with fervor.

And suddenly the world was all ok. (It didn’t hurt that the Giants were winning a beautiful baseball game at the same time)  Isn’t that all we need from a home-cooked meal every now and then? Yeah. I think so.

Also, I’m pretty certain her sushi and shellfish consumption have led me to believe she was a mermaid in her former life.


Great American Backyard Campout 2014


We’re most definitely a camping kind of family. Mr. M sometimes thinks that I’m not very outdoorsy, but I think that opinion goes away every time I outlast him on complaining about a lack of showers or worrying about bears at night. But did you know that we hadn’t introduced Miss L to the wonders of sleeping outdoors until last year during the Great American Backyard Campout?


We set up our 4-person tent in the backyard complete with our sleeping bags and sleeping pads and lantern and gazed up at the stars through our tent windows. Miss L absolutely loved every single ounce of it, and after that one Saturday night, we ignited a monster that asked to sleep in the tent practically every weekend after that.


She guilt tripped grandparents into joining her in the tent too. In fact, I think she even asked to sleep out in the rain one cold fall weekend!

So far this summer, we’ve spent 4 nights in the tent in the past 2 weeks. Two were in the backyard and two were in Yosemite (many more photos to come) last weekend. And I’m sure we’ll end up outside again for this year’s Great American Backyard Campout on Sunday!


And if you’d like to join us, I wrote a BIG post on how to throw the ultimate backyard campout on Momtastic! It’s got tips on camping gear, s’mores and everything else you need for a memorable overnight experience for everyone!

So who’s going to come camping with us this weekend (or maybe just this summer)???


summer style for little girls with Old Navy

We’re now entering summer #5 with Miss L, and I think by now I’m actually ready for it. You see, while we don’t have to worry too much about big coats and insulated hats in the winter, we do have to plan for very hot summers. Last week we got our first glance of 90 degree temperatures, and more is headed next week. And we’ve learned to live by a few important rules when shopping for summer clothes: 1) make sure they’re light and airy and breathable; 2) have light layers around so that no one gets chills in air conditioning or when the heat finally goes away; 3) have lots of summer clothes because these clothes will get super dirty and wet very often from all the outdoor play!

And it’s no surprise that Old Navy happens to fit the bill for the majority of our shopping. I went through the current summer 2014 collection and found some of the staples that have gotten us through the past summers to pass along to you!


Summer Style for baby girl: (1) Ruffle-Front Rompers for Baby, $14.94 (2) Jersey Hoodies for Baby, $16.94 (3) Bright-Floral Sun Hats for Baby, $9.94 (4) Glitter Jelly Sandals for Baby, $9.94

Lots of people ask what’s the best thing for babies to wear in the summer, and I always say ROMPERS! They’re not as heavyweight as onesies, but you’ve got the same awesome easy diaper access. Always keep a hat in the diaper bag so it’s always at hand (hey… I think there’s still one in ours tucked away in the closet…hmmm…) and the same goes for a light coverup! Now as for the jellies? Well normal people are crazy walking in jelly sandals, so let your child enjoy them long before they are actually walking!


Summer Style for Toddlers: (1) Shirred-Yoke Printed Tanks for Baby, $8.94 (2) Color-Blocked Jersey Skorts for Baby, $8.94 (3) Eyelet-Trim Hoodies for Baby, $19.94 (4) Glitter T-Strap Sandals for Baby, $16.94

This has pretty much been Miss L’s daily summer wardrobe for the past two years. Tank top, skort and coverup for inside! I just checked our drawers, and we have 5 of these skorts in her current size. They are AWESOME and last really well. They’re especially great for long-legged little girls, as most short shorts just look inappropriate!


Summer Style for Little Girls: (1) Girls Lightweight Slub-Knit Hoodies, $16.94 (2) Girls Embroidered Dobby Tops, $19.94 (3) Girls Linen-Blend Rolled-Midi Shorts, $19.94 (4) Girls Glitter-Canvas Sneakers, $19.94 (5) Girls Fashion Sunglasses, $5.94

First off… every gal needs glittered shoes. Miss L was getting jealous of mine, so we picked make sure she’s got some glittered footwear each summer. We love these longer bermuda shorts since they provide a bit more sun coverage and are very breathable as well. Finally, the lightweight hoodie will work all summer long and provide a cover-up to the sun as well as a nice protection from the cooler night breeze.

While I didn’t mention it here, Old Navy is currently having an amazing BABY sale on all things baby/toddler! Those skorts are $4!!!And for all my mom friends in New York City, you can enjoy a carnival themed event in Chelsea on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 and shop Old Navy’s Baby Sale, where tons of styles will be $10 and under!

The event is hosted by The Moms, Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein and will feature carnival games, a prize booth, face painting, balloon artists, arts & crafts, a photo backdrop station (takes your photo against a carnival backdrop and uploads to social media), cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs etc.!

When: May 10th, 12pm – 4pm
Where: Old Navy, 610 Avenue of the Americas (at 18th Street), 2nd floor

Color me jealous of everyone that gets to go to this! You NYC moms definitely have some fun stuff!


spring is for soccer

Around these parts, soccer is a year-round sport. They’ve got indoor soccer fields, plenty of outdoor ones, and just about every family is playing or practicing or watching it during the spring and summer and fall and winter.

Now, let it be known, that despite my undying love for almost all sports, soccer is one that I just don’t adore. I’m going to place the blame on some mean kid in my Kindergarten class choosing to kick my shins instead of the soccer ball. But parenthood is all about getting over those hills and exposing your kids to more than you were exposed to… so that’s how you found me at the park with 20 little soccer balls flying this way and that.


We enrolled Miss L in a “soccer skills” class, which is exactly what it sounds like. Drills…




and a tiny bit of running up and down a mini soccer field.


But the best part? The scrimmages with pinnies!


And while I still might not be the biggest soccer fan, I’m definitely a huge fan of my little girl no matter what sports she chooses to love and play with all her heart!

Anyone else in my shoes with the conflicting sports love?