say hello to Furby Connect!

This post was sponsored by Furby Connect as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

We’ve got a furry new friend in our house. He’s pink, cuddly, and he speaks a strange language known as Furbish.

Say hello to Furby Connect!

Miss L got to open her surprise this weekend, and she hasn’t let Furby Connect out of her sight since! He was ready to play straight out of the box (once his batteries were added of course) and they’ve been playing together non-stop.

We grabbed the small instruction sheet from the box and took its advice on how to interact with Furby Connect. The first thing we did was give Furby Connect a good tickle to get him to laugh, because who doesn’t love a toy that giggles when it’s tickled! Miss L kept petting him (“He’s soooooo soft!”) and we went to grab her Kindle Fire to open up the Furby Connect World app.

Once he was connected to the app, it took a few minutes to update him with all of the latest content. At the time, I thought it was just like a software update to fix issues, but it’s actually so much more. Furby Connect gets downloads to allow him to sing along to the hottest new songs and know new facts as the world changes around him. When his little antennae glows, you know that there’s a new update for him to download via Bluetooth!

The app itself is also full of games that let Miss L interact with Furby Connect. The app lets you feed and groom Furby Connect, and earn points that hatch eggs that release little baby Furblings. You can even go to the theater and watch silly new videos with your friend. Miss L had the app and the toy to herself for just one day and figured out how to do everything on her own and was teaching me how to use all of the features by that evening.

So what was Miss L’s favorite part of the app? It’s when Furby Connect requests to relieve himself… on the giant toilet app.  You literally hold Furby Connect above the device, squeeze him a little, and… well… you know. I’ve never heard my child have a giggle fit quite like that… and she’s told every single friend/relative/person at the market that she’s run into in the past week about this exact feature and how awesome it is.

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Now, if you’ve owned other Furby toys in the past, you may know that they were a little hard to go to sleep. And that they’d wake up on their own, or just start talking to themselves when no one else was around. This comes to my favorite feature of the new Furby Connect….

… the sleep mask! Just click on the sleep mask and your Furby Connect will instantly lull itself to sleep. Then remove the mask and wake him up to play. It’s just that simple.

I think Furby Connect would make a great toy for your child this holiday season, as it does a great job of marrying tech toys with app-based fun. It’s perfect for Miss L to play with all on her own at 6.5 years old, and I love the fact that updates will carry on the fun beyond what Furby Connect can do today.  I’d grab one on Black Friday to make sure you can throw it under the tree!